Welcome to the Junior Section

The junior section at TARFC welcomes girls and boys from the age of 7. Beginners are most welcomed and encouraged. Of course this includes parents, who may never had any experience or involvement before.

We have an experienced coaching staff who meet regulalry and are encouraged to strive for various RFU qualifications.

Matches are played every Sunday morning from September to April. We seek friendly fixtures against other local clubs and occasionally take part in larger tournaments (festivals) involving several clubs. Training takes place on Wednesday evenings.

Our players come from near and far – not just Torquay!

Our emphasis is on having fun and staying safe. We believe that children will not develop unless they are enjoying themselves. Not only is the rugby fun, playing for the Tics gives the children the chance to make new friends.

Up to Under 8s, all children play “tag” rugby – a non-contact game in which the emphasis is on basic co-ordination and handling (catching and passing). At Under 9 and above, the children are introduced to contact rugby (this means they can tackle their opponent). Some children take to this immediately. Many others are less certain and we completely understand this. No child is forced to do anything he or she does not want to do.

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Training and Games

Training for the junior section is held on a Wednesday night between 6pm and 8pm with age groups from Under 7s to Under 12 training between 6 and 7 and age groups from U13s to U16s training from 7 onwards. All training is held on the Recreation ground and for more information please contact the relevant coach.

Games are held on a Sunday morning and details regarding these need to be from the coaches as will vary.

Any queries regarding fixtures or games, please contact Mark Coton 0781 7608320